Kensington Gardens

Address: 25 Brunswick Ave, , Toronto, M5S 2L9
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Phone: 416-963-9640
Fax: 416-964-0234
Predominant Culture: Multi-cultural
LHIN: Toronto Central
Cost: Rates at Long-Term Care Facilities
Who is eligible: A person must be 18 years of age or older;
possess a valid Ontario Health Card;
have health care needs that cannot be met with any combination of caregiving or community-based services in the home;
have health care needs that can be met in a long-term care facility.
Area Served: Open catchment area
Additional Information:
Application: Applications must originate in the CCAC where the individual (applicant) resides.
Individuals (applicants) may choose Long Term Care facilities from outside their own CCAC area.
How to apply: Contact your local Community Care Access Centre.
Unit description: Dementia specific unit/floor. Secure unit for individuals who wander and/or have complex behavioural problems.
Safety features: Alarm on unit, alarm on outer door, cameras, key pads, locks on elevators, Maglocks, Wanderguard bracelets, ID bracelets. Secure outdoor wandering area. No smoking facility.
Total beds: 350
Dementia beds: 75
Predominant Culture: None.
Last Updated: October 2012

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